Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Lego Obsession

My boys have developed a new obsession for LEGOs in the past few months.  They want LEGOs for their birthday, for Christmas, for rewards, and any other reason they can come up with.  Although I think Kevin's skill level still leans more toward DUPLOs, they now have LEGO kits for several Disney Cars characters and some scenes from Harry Potter.  OH! And don't even get me started on Kevin's obsession with Harry Potter.  I'm starting to regret ever letting him watch any of those movies.  I've only let them see the first four, but Kevin would watch them over and over if I'd let him.  I've been conveniently "losing" movies 2 through 4, so all he gets to watch now is the first one.  Yesterday I was quizzing the boys on digraphs and held up a card with the letters "sp" on it.  They had to pronounce it and then think up words with that letter sound combo in them.  I said, for example, "spell".  Shane grins and says, "Like Harry Potter!" No, Shane, I meant like as in "to spell a word".

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