Saturday, October 01, 2011

TNT Bike Ride

 The older AWANA girls are part of the TNT group which stands for Truth 'n Training.  Their group had an all girl bike ride one beautiful Saturday morning.  Checking and Loading four bikes for our older daughters shouldn't have been too hard, but two of them needed major tire work.  Also, we had to remove the back seats from the van in order to get them to fit.  Daniel was amazing and somehow pulled it all together.

Still, our girls almost missed it.  He pulled the
van up next to a huge group of girls all
casually pedaling along a few blocks from the house we were supposed to have met at.  Daniel unloaded right there and waved as the girls took off trying to catch up.  They had a really good time, but I think "Hoops" had quite a bit of difficulty.  We realized later that her tire had gone mostly flat about half way through the ride.  She thought she was just out of shape, but she was forcing the bike to roll on a flat tire.

Afterwards, they met back at the house and had a picnic lunch of mostly snacks and desserts.  Danya ran around taking photos of herself with her friends.  I picked them up when it was over and all four girls, Danya, Gloria, Hoops and Brianna were sweaty but smiling.

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