Saturday, October 08, 2011

Secret Keeper Girls PJ Party!

 My oldest four girls and I went to the Secret Keeper Girls Pajama Party about an hour South of here back in October.  We also brought Gloria's friend, Julia, along.  Danya and Gloria are the only ones who have been working their way through "8 Great Dates for Moms and Daughters" with me.  We're stuck waiting for date six, which will be a group date organized by another mom with several other families.

It was a really fun night.  I got my girls matching PJs for the event and we received a lot of compliments and comments about how cute they looked.  There was a lot of dancing, some praying, and some seriously funny moments.  The girls learned about modesty, but more importantly, they learned to appreciate their unique God-given beauty.

There was a request, at one point, for all the adopted girls in the auditorium to raise their hands.  It was about a quarter of the crowd!  "Hoops" raised her hand and grinned at me, as if to say "I will be soon!"  And she and Brianna seemed to share a bonding moment right then because they both became a part of our family through the adoption process.

The absolute best moment of the night?  "Hoops" decided to give her life to Christ!  We were all so happy!  I told her that she had just become my sister (in Christ) before officially becoming my daughter!  I noticed a change in her heart and attitude in the days after and have felt like we can connect on a much deeper level.  She's asking me lots of questions about the bible and heaven.  The only bad moment of the night was when we were leaving.  Gloria took a tumble down a few steps and twisted her ankle.  We feared at first that she'd broken it.  I called Daniel, who was waiting outside in the van by then, and he came inside to carry her out to the van.  We all prayed for her in the van and laid hands on her.  She was able to walk into the house by the time we got home an hour later.  I went to bed that night thankful to God for many reasons!

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Kelly said...

So happy for your sweet girl's decision to follow Christ.

They look adorable in their matching pjs.