Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vaseline and Toddlers Don't Mix

I would never buy Vaseline.  I have no use for it.  But my girls' former foster mom apparently thought they needed it because she packed an almost full jar with their things.  When I was unpacking their bags I simply stored the jar under my bathroom counter.  Much to my surprise, I learned that our 2 year old, "Happy", knows exactly what Vaseline is for.  It's to lock moisture into African American hair.  She proved her knowledge by sneaking into my room, entering the master bathroom, removing the jar from under the counter, opening it, and then applying large goopy handfuls of the disgustingly slimy substance to her hair and face.  Oh... and some on the floor and the counter and the cabinets and the side of the tub and the bathroom rug...

Daniel was horrified.  I grabbed the camera.

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Kelly said...

I did this one time when I was a toddler and smeared it on my carpet in my bedroom. The stain could not be removed. It was a huge mess and stain until I was a teen and my parents replaced the carpet. My mom said my hair was greasy for a while, despite her using dishwashing soap to wash my hair. lol