Saturday, November 05, 2011

Rainbow Birthday

 Brianna wanted to have a rainbow party for her 9th birthday.  Daniel and I found a bunch of rainbow things on sale at a craft store.  Daniel is so clever.  He thinks of ideas that are "outside the box" all the time.  He found this rainbow polka dot border strips that were designed for teachers to use on their bulletin boards.  He took one look at them and figured out they'd make great rainbow crowns.

Brianna and I made rainbow cupcakes together.  All the guests got a variety of rainbow things including glow sticks and candy jewelry.  They made some rainbow craft projects and then went outside to hit a colorful cupcake pinata.  The pinata was a last minute idea that came as a total surprise to Brianna.  Her face just lit up when she

saw it.  She was so happy the whole day, giggling like crazy and practically dancing every step she took.  It's hard to believe she's already nine years old.  She joined our family just before her sixth birthday.  She was such a wild little thing at five years old.  Her hair was down to her waist, all different lengths and completely untamed.  She had extreme mood swings and difficulty speaking.  She's grown and matured so much since then.  She's leaving her little girlhood behind and becoming a beautiful young lady.  Happy Birthday, Breezy!

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