Friday, November 25, 2011

Post Thanksgiving Party

Okay, technically, it wasn't supposed to be a party.  But we invited two large families of our friends, there was food, and a pinata.  What would you call it?

My best friend from high school, Glenda, brought her crew of four (and a half if you count the one on the way) and later our former youth pastor and his wife brought their five (or was it six?).  Daniel and I became friends through that youth group when we were teens.  We didn't go to the same school.  Glenda and I also met there.  It's hard to believe that was about 18 years ago. 

CJ and Lisa were a really great youth group leadership team.  I find myself repeating a lot of the wisdom they taught us to my daughters.  I was also happy to see how quickly our son "Lego Man" made friends with their 8 year old son, Benjamin, and Glenda's two boys who are about the same age, also.  They were inseparable almost within minutes of meeting each other.  Glenda says that her sons have been asking when they'll see my son again.  The feeling is mutual.

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