Saturday, November 12, 2011

Family Portraits Fall 2011

An amateur photographer employee at Daniel's work offered free family portraits to everyone at his office.  We jumped at the opportunity since we haven't had professional photos taken of our family since Kevin was born five years ago.  Usually it's just me hitting the timer button and running to dive in front of the camera.  We decided to go all out with new matching outfits that we had to search a few different stores to find.  We also wanted to avoid our usual red, white, or green colors so that the photos would be useful all year long.  The photographer gave us a whole CD full of the photos that she took and retouched.  I wish I knew how to do tricks like blurring the background when taking individual photos.  The photos came out nice, I got them printed as Christmas cards and addressed... now if I can just get some stamps.

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