Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Highlight of My Day

 According to the hair dresser I have "virgin hair" which means that enough years have passed since I last dyed my hair that I basically have all new hair.  Therefore, I can honestly say that the "before" photo is my natural hair color.  I got my hair cut right before that photo and then had highlights put in just a couple of days later.  So, the style didn't change, just the color.

I really like it.  After all, I was blond my entire childhood until I entered my early 20's.  So this feels more like me when I look in the mirror.  Meanwhile, my former foster daughter, Molly, is asking us to take her to get her hair cut VERY short.

I've advised her not to, but it's up to her.  I told her that it's totally normal to have an irrational desire to do something drastic to your hair when you're pregnant.  It's because you are stuck in this condition for 9 months with no real control over the situation.  That makes a pregnant woman want some sort of change, any change, and therefore they make terrible hair style decisions.  Sometimes I think that pregnant women shouldn't be allowed to get hair cuts without first consulting a psychiatrist or pastor, lol.

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