Thursday, November 24, 2011

Big Crazy Happy Thanksgiving!

 Thanksgiving 2011 was quite the event.  I figured out that Daniel, all by himself, brought 15 people to his parents' house this year.  Then his sister, Robin, brought her crowd of 10, and his brother, Ben brought another 5, and then Daniel's parents' invited a friend from church.  We had quite the full house!

I had prepared my mom ahead of time, letting
her know that our soon to be adopted daughter is 9 years old, but she's as tall as a
preteen.  So, my mom walked in and saw
 Grandma Nancy's young African American guest.  She said, "Jessica said you were tall! I'm your new grandma!" and she gave her a big hug.  Whoops!  Oh well, everyone was laughing as they explained who was who.  "Hoops" instantly liked her new grandma and wanted to take pictures with her.  And my mom, known as "Granny Jo" to the kids, managed to get "Lego man" to let her give him bear hugs and sit on her lap on the couch while they got to know each other a bit.  My dad, a shy man in big group settings, grabbed some pie and went out back for a tour of
Grandpa Wayne's green house.

I have to say that it felt a bit like the miracle of the loaves and fishes where Jesus feeds a crowd of 500 with a little boy's lunch.  Somehow, what didn't look like nearly enough food, managed to stretch to feed everyone and still have some leftovers for dinner that night. I'm always amazed how that works out.  Guess I'll add it to my "Things I'm Thankful for" list this year.

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