Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Where in the World?

 Gloria and Brianna are taking a geography class at the Options program called "Where in the World?"  Gloria says, "We aren't learning anything, we're just making crafts from different countries."  Oh well.  We do our own history and geography program at home, so this was just supposed to be supplemental fun.

The whole Options experience seems to be a bit of a mixed bag.  It allows homeschooled kids to get a taste of the public school experience without as much of the hassle and it's only one day a week.  But every class comes with its own frustration.  For instance, all three of my homeschooled daughters are in a drama class.  But my oldest, who should have had a large part with lots of lines since she's one of the oldest in the class, ended up with just one line, while my youngest, who has speech
difficulties and a very bad memory, had multiple lines in two different plays.  The reason?  The teacher simply handed the plays to a third grade boy and told him to hand out the parts... which he did, randomly.  So, Danya has been sitting through class, week after week, doing basically nothing.

Some of my kids have art class with a very unusual teacher who comes up with complex projects that you would expect high schoolers to be doing.  But he's terrible at classroom management.  Which means my son, Shane, gets bullied in his class almost every week.

On the plus side, my kids are making lots of new friends, getting invited to birthday parties, participating in clubs, and generally enjoying the experience.  And for my peace of mind, the classes are taught by teachers who will not indoctrinate my children in evolutionism or require them to check their faith at the door.

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