Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We *heart* Oklahoma!

 There is just something magical about Oklahoma in the Fall.  It's my favorite season there.  And Grandma and Grandpa's house is the perfect place to be.  They're just far enough out in the country to enjoy the wide open spaces, and just close enough to town to be able to run to the convenience store.  Far enough away that you aren't tempted to pick up McDonald's, but close enough that there's a park to walk to.  We all especially love the horses that roam the neighbor's pasture!

One of the absolute best things about their house is the yard.  They have three acres that are beautifully maintained, including a mini forest that they keep mowed during the summer, so you can stroll among the trees and play in the leaves during the Fall.  Grandpa's new green house is interesting, as all his projects are.  They have a

 boat and playset and toys in the backyard and of course the obligatory tree swing.  The kids would live out there all week if we'd let them.

The very best thing, though, about their home, is the love and the welcome that's always waiting there.  I know that's why our former foster daughter, Molly, enjoys coming back with us each year.  She pointed out that Daniel's parents will be her baby's only living great grandparents... and what GREAT
great grandparents to have!

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