Friday, March 20, 2009

WoW Museum!

On Sunday afternoon we went with Aunt Christina, her kids, and Grandma Nancy to the WOW Museum in Lafayette. It was so much fun! One nice thing is that you only pay for the kids to get in, adults are free. We're also going to call the director to find out about getting a discount yearly pass for foster families. According to the person who works there, we may be able to get our whole family in for a year for $10! They have various traveling exhibits in the main room along with a pirate ship. There is an art room, a music and light experiment room, a wind experiment room, and a second main area that contains a huge stage with dress up costumes, a mini play bank with working ATM, a mini grocery store, a castle with sand inside, and a giant bubble maker among other things.

The kids had so much fun that they were actually exhausted by the time we left a couple of hours later. We had planned to take them to Chuck E. Cheese later for dinner, but that place had already reached it's capacity for the day, so we took them to McDonald's instead. With all that on top of the picnic we had at a playground for lunch, it was a very full day and the kids literally fell into bed that night.

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