Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Mouse and the Motorcycle

Daniel took both of these pictures on the same day shortly before Katie was born. He's been doing a great job of making sure that photos are taken often even though the usual family photographer (me) is off her feet for quite a while. He thought it was a good idea to document me in the pose I spent most of the month before Katie's birth in; hanging out with my foot propped up, browsing the internet and using my big pregnant belly as a mouse pad. Whenever Kevin was getting too fussy or crazy I'd call him into my room, let him crawl into bed with me, and then google cartoons or funny youtube videos of kids to distract him and get him into a better mood.

The other photo is of a motorcycle that Gloria built following the directions that came with the K'nex. She's been very creative lately coming up with projects and ideas to do with the boys or just to keep herself occupied. I was very impressed that she managed to make this motorcycle.

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