Friday, March 20, 2009

History Made Easy (or Easier)

The girls and I have been using the Story of the World history books for the past couple of years. We've only made it half way through the second book so far because we paused for several months last year to try out the Sonlight curriculum which had it's own history books. The girls actually came to me and asked if we could go back to the Story of the World books because they liked them better.

We had learned, about halfway through the first SOTW book, that it was a lot more fun and stuck with the girls better when we bought the activity book to go along with the story book. So we've been working with the second activity book. But I only have one, so I've been photo copying the workbook pages so that Danya and Gloria could both have a copy. We've had to buy so much ink for the printer, that we realized it would be cheaper to just by a second copy of the book. Also, with my broken leg, it's become more difficult to make copies. So we looked online and found the companies website where we bought pre-printed copies of the activity pages and also some test pages. Then we got binders in each girls' color to store them in. This has seriously simplified things for me.

Over the past few weeks I've had Daniel working on simplifying a lot of the homeschooling process for me since I'm teaching from my bed. He bought me a little three drawer box to put under my table. The first drawer is where the girls put their completed pages each day, ready for me to file them. The second drawer has paper, scissors, glue, etc. The third drawer is for some scrapbooking paper. I've also got a stack of books for the girls to read underneath the baby's bassinet and am keeping our homeschool books in my bookshelf next to the door. It's all improvised and temporary, but it's working.

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