Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Katie's First Firsts

Katie is starting on a long line of "firsts". She's had her first two doctor checkups. They tortured her by sticking her heel at the second one. They tortured me at the first visit by placing very low to the ground chairs in the examine rooms, so that when I tried to stand I ended up taking a bad fall and hurting my ankle all over again just before my x-ray appointment last week. The doctor also said she hasn't gained quite as much weight as they would like to see, so he wants us to bring her back in for a weight check this week.

Katie also cried all the way through her first bath at home while Danya and Thumbelina helped wash her down. I'm glad her cord fell off, because now I can just take her in the tub with me, which she loves. It's a bit tricky with my splinted leg sticking out one side of the tub and me trying not to crack my head on the faucet. That's one first Daniel is forbidden to take a photo of.

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