Friday, March 20, 2009

Not so Lucky

Happy St. Patrick's Day! On Tuesday, the same night that Miss Lady received her award, the kids had fun dressing up for St. Patrick's Day. We agreed ahead of time that anyone not wearing green in our house would only get pretend pinches and possibly tickles. The kids made some giant green shamrocks to hang up in the living room. We've been enjoying using those little hooks that Daniel put up for the Christmas stockings in the window space between the living room and the kitchen. So far they've held Valentine heart people and now shamrocks. Who knows what we'll put up there for Easter?

We bought Katie a cute little onesie for St. Pat's Day a while back. I was happily saving it for her first time celebrating her Irish heritage. On the actual day I didn't let her wear it until around dinner time because I was planning to bring her with us to Miss Lady's award ceremony. We ended up getting Sarah to babysit the three youngest since Katie and Kevin still weren't feeling well. (They've both officially got the flu.) Then, an hour after we put her sweet little green outfit on that says "Mommy's Lucky Charm", she ended up having an explosive diaper and ruining it. She also threw up on my green blouse. Not so lucky I guess. At least we took a picture while it was still clean. To see the other girls' green outfits, look at the previous post.


Anonymous said...

She looks so much like Kevin. :)

I have a good life said...

What an awesome award for Ms. Lady and Katie is growing up so fast. It is fun to hear you talk about things like "Broomfield," which is my home town! :)