Friday, March 20, 2009

Disappointment and Blessing Combined

The kids were all incredibly disappointed on Sunday night when the Chuck E. Cheese in Broomfield wouldn't let us in. They had reached capacity and since we weren't part of a prescheduled birthday party, they said we'd have to wait and check back every 30 minutes to see if enough people had left for our group of 14 to enter. Since we figured that wasn't likely to happen and it was already getting late, we decided to postpone the fun. The good side of that situation was that the next day Tanti Glenda and her family arrived, so we were able to enjoy "the rat place" as Christina's family calls it along with Glenda's kids. It was definitely more fun on Monday night than it would have been with already exhausted kids on Sunday night.

I enjoyed hopping around on my crutches taking pictures of all the kids. My favorites were the ones of Qorban, Thumbelina, and Danya in mid air. Qorban was showing off his skills at the basketball game, while the girls were trying out virtual jump rope. It was a bit too loud for Grandma, so she and Miss Lady spent time together at Target picking out the perfect pair of shoes to go with the dress she'd chosen for her upcoming awards ceremony. Meanwhile, I got a little bit of time to talk with my friends and admire baby Christopher some more. It was so cute when he kept trying to take my crutches. He definitely knows what he wants and goes for it.

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Glenda said...

We had lots of fun. Glad we got to go. Wish we could have seen you all more.