Friday, March 20, 2009

Caution: Tank Crossing

Tanti Glenda came to see us on Monday. We got to see how big her newest son, Christopher has gotten. My goodness that boy is a tank! He is such a solid little guy! And for only being around 7 months old he is able to do a lot. He can sit up well, crawl, and even attempted to eat my crutches. In this photo he's playing with a new toy that Grandma brought for Katie. It will be a while before she's able to enjoy it, so she loaned it to him while he was here. It lights up and plays music. The best feature? It has an off switch.

So we had two babies to admire and play with while Glenda's family were visiting. I have to say that Christopher definitely stole the show. He's just much more interactive at this point then Katie is. I especially love his smile.

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