Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Chick Fil A Day!

Photobucket Hey, we actually got to be on Fox News!  Well... the website anyway.  We don't often get involved in political activism, but this felt more like standing up for freedom.  This year a tempest in a tea pot got stirred up because the President of Chick Fil A stated in a speech that he and his family have always used the profits they make from Chick Fil A to support Christian causes including groups that support keeping the definition of marriage in alignment with the biblical definition of marriage as its always been.  Then a lot of gay rights activist groups started condemning the company and the family that owns it and then it got worse.  Some mayors and people in leadership in places like Chicago started saying that Chick Fil A was not welcome in their city and that they would work to guarantee that the company could not open any businesses there.  This is where a lot of Americans got angry.

It's not about civil rights, because most people don't care whether a gay person decides to unite with another person, although many people prefer that it not be called marriage, which has a strong religious meaning.  No, this was about our government leaders trying to block a company because of the owner's religious beliefs.  The owners aren't discriminating against gay employees or making them feel ostracized.  They aren't holding prayer services during the work day in the Chick Fil A lobby.  No, they just are choosing where to spend their own money.  So, a lot of people decided to show support for Chick Fil A.  We don't even eat there more than about twice a year because we think their food is too expensive, but we made an exception on this day.

The line was incredible.  All across the country people were coming out in support of "Chick Fil A" day which was not even an event sponsored by the company.  We waited in line for almost two hours before we got our food.  Cars were wrapped around the building, threw the shopping center's parking lot and out into the street.  Everyone was in a good mood and friendly despite the long wait.  We saw several of our friends there.  I wish I had a great photo of the crowd.  I was proud of the kids for being so patient.  Daniel was at work, but we sent him pictures.  I made sure the kids understood why we were there.  Hopefully, this kind of occurrence will stand out in their memories and not become something they are constantly fighting against as adults. Photobucket

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