Thursday, August 16, 2012

Adoption Anniversary

 Celebrating the 3rd anniversary of Shane and Brianna's adoption at Berry Patch Farms.  This has become a tradition for us, although they've asked if we can do something new next year.  I'm thinking they don't get the concept of "traditions".  Anyway, we got a good haul of strawberries, despite it being near the end of the year.  The raspberries were abundant, but honestly, the strawberries were just more fun to find.  It was nice and hot and we all had fun yelling, "Jackpot!" every time we found a bush with a handful of berries on it.

Brianna and Shane have matured a lot in the past few years.  Their negative behaviors have drastically decreased, and their attention spans have lengthened.  I see them performing more random acts of kindness toward their siblings.  I think Brianna and her sisters have gotten closer.  Shane has really bonded with his brothers.  They share a love of all things electronic, and by "they", I mean all the kids, so they have something to connect through.

Daniel and I are working to improve our patience and trying not to sweat the small stuff so much.  We're learning to go easier on Shane and gradually give Bri more responsibility.  I'd say our whole family has grown in a positive direction this year.  Love you Shane and Breezy!

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