Friday, August 17, 2012

Gifts from Korea

 Polly surprised us with some really beautiful Korean gifts.  I especially liked the gorgeous wooden box, since I actually have a small collection of wooden boxes.  The silk bags that the gifts came in were awesome, too, with the tiny embroidered flowers on them.

One of the most unusual gifts was a wind chime with a fish on the end that Gloria received.  There was also a game for celebrating New Year's that Polly promised to teach us when the time is right.
The tea was really good, too.  It tasted like sweet raspberries.  She also gave us a fan, but I can't post a picture because the painting on it is a bit risque.

We had fun preparing some surprises for Polly, too.  We made a gift basket and bag and put them in her room.  They were full of American themed trinkets and candy along with a few useful items for school.  I hope she really enjoys her year here in America.

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