Monday, August 27, 2012

Girls Gone Shopping

Shopping with my oldest two girls, well, sort of.  Polly's on loan from her parents for this school year.  It's been nice having another older girl in the house.  It feels like having a friend to talk to more than having another daughter.  We went to several different stores, but Polly had a really hard time finding dresses that matched her style and fit right.  I've been learning more about fashion in South Korea.  They seem to like covering up the upper body, but exposing a LOT of leg.  So you'll see a girl wearing a shirt buttoned up to her neck paired with really short shorts or a mini skirt.

Fortunately, for my peace of mind, Danya shares my preference for cute, but modest, clothing.  She really wanted me to buy her this jacket.  Sadly, her odds of getting me to say, "yes" won't improve until tax return season.

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