Saturday, August 04, 2012

Little Brother

Our youngest daughter, Karyie, is actually a big sister.  Jordan, Michael and Karyie all have a little half brother named Yahkai.  (Pronounced "yuck-eye" with the emphasis on the last syllable)  He was adopted by the family that had fostered him since he was born.  He's about a year younger than Karyie.  We got to go swimming with him and his family in August down in Commerce City.  He is a bundle of energy, constantly moving, jumping, screaming and smiling.  I really enjoy his adoptive mom, Robin.  She is amazing at braiding hair.  Styles that take me hours, she can accomplish in about 30 minutes.  She said I'm doing a good job on Karyie and Jordan's hair, which really boosted my confidence.  She is a foster mom, too, and has had up to 14 kids at one time!  I hope we can keep the kids in contact as they grow up.

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