Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Options Back 2 School 2013

 So begins another school year at Options, the one day a week school for homeschoolers that we send our kids to.  This was the first year for Jordan and Michael.  I think it's good that they have this as sort of a link between public school and home school as they transition between the two styles.  I'm also hoping that Jordan will have a better year this year.  Last year at the local public elementary school she didn't make any friends and said that the other girls treated her badly because she's so much bigger than them.  She's VERY tall for her age.

Here at Options she gets the chance to be in classes with a wide age range of kids.  Some of her classes have other 5th graders in them, but some had slightly younger kids and others had high schoolers.  She made friends with one girl who became the school Vice President and was several years older than Jordan.  Jodie (Jordan's self chosen nickname) is fairly mature for her age, so she often gets along better with older kids.

A nice surprise right before back to school night came when Gloria gave me this picture she made reminding me that I'm still her favorite teacher even though she has lots of other teachers at Options.  I love this kid.

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