Saturday, August 11, 2012

Video Game Addiction

We were originally going to wait until our anniversary to buy this game, but we got impatient.  The LEGO series of games is our absolute favorite.  We have every one they currently produce for XBOX 360 and also some for Playstation 2.  When we hear about new ones coming out, it becomes an endurance test to wait a bit for the price to drop or to buy a used copy.  The minute we pick up a new LEGO game, you can guarantee that nothing else will be accomplished in our home for the next 3 days minimum.  Daniel and the kids usually play during the day, and then I play with Daniel after the kids are in bed.  Daniel and I make a really good team.  I like the fact that they are cooperative games that are more fun when you work together.  We occasionally have minor disagreements on which way to go, but since it's all split screen now, those problems are few and far between.  If you have kids (or husbands) who enjoy video games, I highly recommend avoiding ones that require fighting each other and instead suggest you aim for ones that allow you to team up to fight bad guys...  and if you get to be Wonder Woman while you're at it, all the better!

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