Monday, September 19, 2011

Vegetable Overload!

My homeschooling group friends said, "It's so much fun!  The kids each get to pick two bags of vegetables, straight out of the ground.  They get to ride the hay wagon.  If you can't come, just send your girls and we'll take them."  I knew it sounded too simple.  Obviously, I should have gotten a little more clarification.

What they actually meant was that my three older girls would get to pick two bags each at every one of about 10 stops.  So we ended up with six bags of potatoes and six bags of corn and lots of bags of veggies that I have no idea how to cook much less store for the winter.  It's not even legal to can your own food as a foster family.  It's in the regulations that home-canned food can't be fed to foster kids or stored in the home because of the risk of botulism... Who even knows what that is?!  So, here I am, two months later, with five bags of potatoes and some green beans and carrots and corn slowly rotting in my garage.  But I feel guilty just throwing it away.

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Kelly said...

Donate it to your local soup kitchen!!