Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hat Mania!

I've been making crochet hats as fast as my fingers will go.  The blue one is my 4th one, a new style I found in a book.  The kids have asked me to make one for each of them, but I don't know if I'll manage to accomplish that.  Meanwhile, having our newest daughter, "Hoops", who is interested in all kinds of crafts, has renewed all of our interest in crochet.  We find her working on something she's crocheting or knitting (yes, she does that, too) or finger knitting and the other girls and I get inspired to grab some yarn and a hook so we can join her.  I'm pulling out old blanket projects that I left by the wayside half-finished years ago and working on them.  The girls even take turns working on them, so they are getting done much faster than they would have with just me trying to do it.  I'm loving having so many older daughters!

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