Monday, September 26, 2011

Another Hat, Another Visit

 We got to pick up our new daughter, "Hoops", after school on Monday.  She had stayed the night with us on Saturday and went to church with us the next morning.  Monday was a little sad, because we couldn't get her brother since he lived over an hour away and the foster family wouldn't let us have her little sister. (We got that fixed right away so next time she not only came, but both girls got to stay the night)

However, we took the opportunity to get to know her better.  The older girls and I all had some girl time working on crochet projects on the couch.  I helped "Hoops" figure out how to make a granny square and we made plans to start a big blanket as a group where we'll all make squares and then sew them together.
I also made another crocheted hat.  It's the one that Brianna is wearing in the photos.  She really loves it and wore it every day everywhere for about a week.  She especially likes telling people, "My mom made it!"

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