Monday, September 19, 2011

MBM: Made By Mom

 Yeah, I made that hat.  I've been able to crochet for 15 years and during that time I haven't made anything more interesting than a scarf and blankets.  But this year, I learned to make hats.  Why?  Because I was motivated.

You see, my good friend, Brandy, got cancer this year.  She was facing a lot of challenges from chemo, to trying to continue homeschooling her five children through it all and to top it all off, her husband lost his job.  I felt pretty helpless.  I don't even cook well or live nearby, so joining the meal chain in our Sunday school class was pointless.  But then I saw this display of yarn and a free pattern for making hats.  It was pink with a ribbon and said the money went to support cancer research.

So, I got a booklet on how to translate the crochet terminology and struggled through it.  I had to redo it a few times and made
some mistakes, but I finally made a hat.  It was perfect and I even made a little flower to go on it.  The only problem was that it was so small that the only person it fit was 2 year old Katie.

But my second hat was just the right size.  It's not much, but like I told Brandy, that hat wasn't made out of yarn... it was made out of love.

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