Thursday, September 22, 2011

Adopting Again!

 We decided that we were ready to adopt again this year and be done with foster care for the next decade or so.  After months of searching online (and wondering if the two girls we were fostering for the first 8 months of this year would become adoptable) and submitting our home study to case workers all over the United States, we were starting to lose hope that anyone would ever choose our family.  We heard a lot of "you already have
your hands full with six kids" and only seemed to get serious responses from caseworkers who had neglected to mention in the online photo listing that the children had terminal illnesses or major problems like blindness or extreme violence.

Then, on the same day that our two foster daughters left (and the kids and I were crying like babies on the couch) we got an email that said we were matched with a sibling group from Texas.  They had some serious problems, but we were so relieved to finally be chosen that we were willing to move heaven and earth to make it work.  But then, for some reason, their caseworker never called again and would not respond to phone messages or emails.  A month later we were contacted about another group of kids in a nearby county and told we "might" be the right match for them.  A "Wednesday's Child" video had just been made of them. Click the link, then type in "Yuriah" in the search bar under the video thumbnails.

A day or two later, we got ANOTHER email from a different nearby county saying we'd been matched with another sibling group.  This group was very similar to the ones in the Wednesday's Child video except that instead of a two year old there was a 17 year old.  In the end, we chose the first group.  I'm very glad we don't have to wait for an interstate adoption to go through.  We met them at a McDonald's on September 22nd.  We liked them right away.  They had been placed in two separate homes, the girls in one and the boy in another.  I think, since their names are published with the Wednesday's Child video, I can probably use them online.  But I'm trying to be careful until we have official permission.  Meanwhile, I intend to call them "Hoops" (the 9 yr old girl), "LEGO Man" (the 8 yr old boy), and "Happy" (the 2 yr old girl).

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Kelly said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so excited for your family and your new kiddos. They look like so much fun and such sweet kids on the video. Just precious!!