Monday, September 05, 2011

Letters from My Son

Kevin, our five year old son, is starting to bring us daily letters and drawings. I've been hanging them on the fridge, inside cabinets, on the windows and bulletin boards. Someone who came to our house for the first time might think we only have one kid since 90% of the drawings have his name on them.

These drawings and letters serve an important purpose in our family. On those days when Kevin comes home from church with another note saying that he disrespected his teacher, wouldn't obey, hit someone, or refused to speak and on those days when his Tuesday school calls me to say that Kevin tried to run out of the building and had to be restrained by no less than four adults and locked in a room and can we PLEASE come get him right now...

on those days it's very important for my sanity, for my relationship with my little boy, and for my son's continued existence that I see lots of signs that there is a sweet natured child in there who will eventually show that inner sweetie to the rest of the world.

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