Saturday, September 24, 2011

First Family Adventure

 We used our new family membership to the Denver Aquarium for our first official outing with our new kids.  Our son, "Lego Man" had stayed the night with us the night before, and we picked up the girls from their foster home that morning.

All the kids were a bit hyper and it was obvious that, although there was some awkwardness, they were all trying really hard to become instantly close.  We only had two rough patches,
once when we couldn't find 2 yr old "Happy"
for a minute, and once when "Lego Man" had a moment of sadness and needed to be comforted.  It was especially tough for him.  He'd been moved four times in a year and a half, so this was kind of scary... hoping it would work out, but not really trusting that this was going to be "forever".

It was all kind of bittersweet.  The kids were finally united, but only for the weekend, since we wouldn't get official move-in approval for another week.  But they were also sad to be leaving families that cared about them and school friends.  I still think that it almost instantly seemed like these kids were made for us.  And all the things their foster families warned us about turned out to be no big deal for us.  God definitely seems to have His hand on this match.

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