Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer School

The boys recently completed all the classes they were taking on Fridays at the rec center. They really had a fun time learning about bugs, the ocean, cooking, and other things. I think they liked that it was a special class that the girls were too old to go to. I was glad that they had each other for support in the class. They really stuck together. I heard one of their teachers telling Kevin to come sit by her because he didn't seem to know where to sit when the kids lined up outside. Then he pointed to Brother and said, "I'm sitting by him. He's my brother."

They are so cute together. I love the funny looks people give them when they say they are brothers since they don't look much alike except for the blue eyes. Their gymnastics coach just asked me last week if I was Kevin's mom or Brother's mom. I smiled and told her, "They're both mine." She said that Kevin seems to have a little fear of heights when it comes to walking on the balance beam and jumping off things. So we're supposed to work on that by having him jump off everything we can.

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