Thursday, July 09, 2009

Crazy California Drivers!

You know, I've heard plenty of stories about those crazy California drivers and how dangerous it is on the freeways there, but I never would have believed it was this bad if I hadn't seen it for myself. And they're letting kids drive so much younger these days!

I blame the influence of Hollywood. Kids get the idea in movies that you can drive recklessly through the city and no one will really get hurt. Well, I've put my foot down in our family. I told my kids that they can drive when they're 40... with a permission note from God.

Hee hee. While we were at Disneyland the kids actually got several opportunities to drive. They all loved the bumper cars in the Bug's Life area. Miss Lady got to sit in the driver's seat on the Indiana Jones ride. The funniest time was when Thumbelina drove Toad's car on the Wind in the Willows ride and it got stuck in the scene where the judge is sentencing them for reckless driving. She and Miss Lady had to sit there while the giant mechanical judge kept pointing his huge finger at them and shouting, "Guilty! Guilty!"

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