Friday, July 31, 2009

A Little Help from our Friends

Grandpa Wayne, Daniel's dad, started it. When he came to visit us he spent some of his time taking care of some home maintenance issues for us. He cleaned out the gutters, helped connect the dryer venting to the outside, and sprayed all the grass out of the air conditioner.

We've also hired a guy a few times this summer to mow our strange pathetic yard. I won't call it grass since it's mostly weeds. Just recently we also hired a handyman friend from church to trim the tree in our front yard. The branches were getting so low that every time we shut the side van door we'd break off a few leaves inside the van.

The most helpful person lately has been our babysitter, Sarah. She's stepped up often to watch the kids while we attend foster parent training, get errands done like shopping for Brother's birthday party, and just spend a couple of hours reconnecting with each other. Tonight, Sarah and Miss Lady are on a Youth Group camping trip together. I definitely would not have felt as comfortable letting Miss Lady go if it weren't for Sarah being there.

We're going to submit paperwork in August to try and get in on a program where the airport, via the city, pays for families in this area to have work done to their house to mitigate the noise. Before we bought the house someone else used that program to get new windows put in here. We're hoping to get the back patio door replaced.

Now if I could just find a really good, really cheap landscaper to fix my yard I'd be happy as a clam.

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