Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Party at Pixie Hollow

Danya's best friend Lauren had a really great birthday party this year. It was a Tinkerbell slumber party. Her mom went all out designing backdrops and giving the girls manicures and pedicures. She even hand sewed Lauren's costume!

All the girls were supposed to dress up as fairies, and the birthday girl would be Tink. Danya and I had an interesting time coming up with her costume. We used an old pair of angel wings and a frilly skirt, her gymnastics leotard, a maroon scarf, and a headband with green hair attached. I put glitter eye makeup and lip gloss on her and combined the green hair with her regular hair and put it into two buns. At the party all the girls loved Danya's green hair. The birthday girl, Lauren, wanted to run right out to the Dollar Tree and get some for herself. Danya had an absolute ball at the party.

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Anonymous said...

did Danya ever get her birthday present from me? I mailed it before Disney?