Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Movie Madness

This is the last summer before Sarah's senior year begins in high school. She has been such a wonderful babysitter for us. When she told us that we should ask her to babysit as much as possible this summer since she's going to be very busy during the school year and then going away to college after that, we took her up on it.

Normally we only see a couple of new movies actually at the theater per year. We are much more likely to wait until they come out on Red Box video before seeing new movies. This summer, though, we've seen quite a few movies.

Some movies we've seen are Transformers 2, Xmen: Wolverine, Harry Potter, The Proposal, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, and Night at the Museum 2. We're looking forward to seeing the new G. I. Joe movie soon. We've also rented on average about 2 movies a week to watch at home. This particular photo is of me, Sarah, and her sister Shannon when I took them and Miss Lady to see Transformers after youth group one Thursday night before Daniel's shift changed at work. I've been enjoying having special girls' nights out with Miss Lady since she is going home soon to her parents. Have I mentioned that I'm REALLY going to miss her and Thumbelina?

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