Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Best Father's Day Gift Yet

For Father's Day this year a miracle occurred. Daniel actually had something he wanted. Most years it's like pulling teeth to try and get him to give me a straight answer on any potential gift for Father's Day, his birthday, our anniversary, or Christmas. This year he talked about wanting a pocket sized camera for months. I was against it because I was afraid it would be an inferior quality camera that took bad photos and I wouldn't want to use them in our scrapbooks.

Then, shortly before Father's Day, Daniel found a new camera that was a reasonable price and actually took better quality photos than our current best camera. He was so happy when I surprised him with it on Father's Day. He has become a picture nut since then. I'm getting a little overwhelmed at the sheer number of photos he takes now. But I have to admit, it is convenient to be able to just pop that little camera in a pocket and take it with us where ever we go. On the first night he got it he took it to work and played with some of the features like the ability to "stitch" panoramic photos together. Above is one he put together of his work area. Of course, they just moved his group to a new location in the office, so that's not his desk anymore. Good thing he took a picture of it, I guess.

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