Friday, July 31, 2009

Bike Upgrades

We got Danya and Gloria new bikes in June when Grandma and Grandpa Elliott were here. Their knees were hitting the handle bars on their old bikes. So we passed one of the old bikes down to Snow White and let Thumbelina ride the other one. Then we found a really nice second hand bike at a yard sale that we gave to Thumbelina so that she'd have one to take home with her when she leaves. At the same yard sale we found a good starter bike for Brother. He's not ready to go without training wheels yet, but he's happy about having a "big boy bike".

Danya and Gloria were really nervous at first and got hurt a couple of times when they started riding without training wheels. They're getting better, though. I think it's mainly due to their wanting to keep up with Miss Lady, Thumbelina, and Snow White who can all ride really well. The real kicker has to be having little sisters that ride better than they do. I've ridden my bike a few times, once about 3 miles with Miss Lady, but mainly I've been getting practice on the stationary bike at physical therapy. After making it up the hill beside the park I've learned there is quite a bit of difference between stationary biking and the real thing.

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