Thursday, July 09, 2009

But You're at Disneyland!

There we were; meeting Princesses, riding fun rides, eating pretzels shaped like Mickey Mouse's head, and generally having a blast. But what do my kids say? "Thanks, Mom and Dad. This is the best trip ever!" Nope. All we hear is, "When can we go back to the hotel and swim?" Apparently the highlight of the trip was not when Danya got chosen to play the drums in the "tomorrow land" exhibit, nor was it the shockingly creepy real-ness of the 4D Bugs Life Show with the sensation of spiders running under our seats, nor the heart racing moment when we plummeted to the ground in the elevator on "The Tower of Terror" ride.

No, the best part for the kids was getting to swim at the hotel every day which had two big pools, a kiddie pool, and two hot tubs. Daniel and I agreed that next time we'll save a few thousand dollars and just rent a room at a local hotel that has an outdoor pool.

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