Saturday, November 08, 2008

Trick or Treat 2008

This was the nicest Halloween we've had in years. The weather was absolutely perfect. The kids looked adorable. We even had enough time to add a few finishing touches this year like glittery makeup for the girls. To encourage Miss Lady to dress up I decided to dress up a bit this year, too. Gloria was upset because the matching princess nightgowns she and Danya had planned to wear as costumes got changed when Danya decided to use her allowance money that she had saved to buy a new costume. She went as the Lady All in White from the lull-a-bye we sing to the kids every night. To make Gloria feel better I told her we could be Twinkies, wearing our matching feety pajamas and go as pajama girls.

Our Kids Costumes:
Miss Lady = Dorothy
Danya = The Lady All in White
Thumbelina = Tinkerbell
Gloria = Pajama Girl
Snow White = Snow White
Brother = Spiderman
Kevin = Indiana Jones

Daniel didn't dress up but I guess you could say he went as our beast of burden since he ended up carrying Kevin for half the night, being a source of warmth to huddle against between houses when Thumbelina got cold in her little outfit, and pulling the wagon full of kids for the second half of the evening after he decided he'd carried Kevin long enough.

While we were out we bumped into several people we knew in the neighborhood. One neighbor, Richard, scared the kids pretty badly when they were lured to his door by a bowl of candy sitting unattended on a table in front of his open garage with a dark black sheet as a back drop. He jumped out in an incredibly scary mask and Snow White gave him quite a scolding for scaring her. Later another neighbor stopped us to give us some of her daughter's outgrown clothing. One lady who said hello was the mother to a friend of Thumbelina's that we see at the bus stop every day. Then another one recognized us from the time we let her son play tennis with our family. Then another, when I recognized his dog by name, introduced us to his wife as "the family with all the kids". They asked if we were a foster family and then said that they were about to get approved through Adams' County to foster as well!

To top it all off, we even got stopped by the police! The kids were all nervous that the police officer who pulled his patrol car to a stop and headed towards us was going to give us a lecture about jay walking, but it turns out he just wanted to give them all candy and stickers. They were so excited... and relieved. What a night.

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