Saturday, November 08, 2008

Book-It Buddies!

Some homeschool friends of ours asked us this year if we could make plans together to celebrate the kids reading success each month. Our kids and theirs are part of the Pizza Hut Book-It program. We set monthly reading goals for them. Then, when they meet their goals, they earn a certificate for a free Personal Pan Pizza. I think now that they've had their first pizza party together they will all be even more motivated to get their reading done faster for next month.

We're requiring a little more of the girls this year, especially Danya, because we feel like they should be reading much more difficult books. Danya exceeded my expectations by tackling a thick chapter book that I was afraid might be too difficult for her. She surprised me. We even timed her to find out how fast she reads each page. Her average is close to a page per minute. Which is my average, too! Not only that, but I tested her on some of the bigger words in the book. Not only does she comprehend their meanings, but she can spell them, too. We're encouraging Gloria to read more difficult books that are a bit longer. She's doing really well so far. Of course, I wouldn't expect her to be at Danya's level yet, but she's definitely far beyond the required reading level for a first grader, which is what she'd be if she were in public school. We're proud of them both for doing their best.

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