Saturday, November 08, 2008

Because she's Aunt Jennie

The kids had been excited about our possible upcoming trip to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving, but disappointed that they probably wouldn't get to meet Aunt Jennie, Daniel's little sister. Whenever we talk about her it's always in glowing terms since she is considered among the top two coolest relatives we have. Our four newest kids were treated to a little bit of Aunt Jennie's greatness recently.

You see, she is the one family member that is absolutely guaranteed not only to remember every single birthday, holiday, and anniversary for every person she is related to or has ever known, but to also know their exact size, personal style, and usually even their favorite color. I'm thinking she missed her calling as a Personal Shopper. Anyway, the other day we received a large package in the mail from Aunt Jennie that had the kids so excited that I thought there might be bloodshed over who got to open it. We designated Gloria as the official opener and gift distributor since it was closest to her birthday.

Inside was a gift for every single kid in our house. Even baby Katie got her first gift before she's even born. We haven't been able to pry the new books out of Kevin and Brother's hands yet. Brother sleeps with his. They demand we read the books to them several times a day. All the kids enjoyed their gifts, but Miss Lady was the most impressed and surprised by hers. She was shocked that it was not only a very cool t-shirt, and fit perfectly, but that it was even purple which is her favorite color. All I can say is, "Yup. That's Aunt Jennie."

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Anonymous said...

Ok, that's the sweetest blog ever. Glad to see it was such a hit. I love putting packages together.