Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Big Cheese

The younger kids were all pretty excited to get a chance to meet the "big cheese" himself and paused for a photo op. We went to a different Chuck E. Cheese location this time so that Snow White's 6th birthday would seem a little different from Thumbelina's.

She was a little sad that her best friend from church, Cole, came down with a case of strep the night before her party. Poor kid, he didn't even get to go trick or treating the night before. Snow White surprised me by turning into a bit of a social butterfly during her party. Every time I found her in the chaos so that I could take another picture, she was riding something or playing a game with another kid I'd never seen before.

For her birthday she got a Play Dough picnic set, arts and craft things, a princess puzzle, and new earrings among other things. She also got to stay up late and share Miss Lady's special time that night. Since then we've switched Miss Lady's day to Wednesdays. Tonight Daniel and I will be taking advantage of our suddenly free Saturday nights to bring our babysitter, Sarah, over so that we can go out on a much needed date.

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