Sunday, November 16, 2008

Older, Wiser, Busier

What a difference a year makes. Daniel turned 32 on Friday. A year ago the only foster child we had was Latte and we thought we'd be adopting her. Here we are a year later and Daniel is the father of seven planning to adopt two and Latte is back home with her mom.

For his birthday we got Daniel a lot of practical gifts. Since he owns all the video games and tools he needs, it's hard to find any non-practical gifts. So he received some new clothes, warm winter gloves and hat, and some silly PlayStation shorts that Danya and Gloria said he HAD to have. We also made him a pineapple upside down cake. Miss Lady especially enjoyed sprinkling the brown sugar into the pan. Her first attempt, though, ended up with an entire cup of it accidentally dumped in the middle of the melted butter.

We had Sarah lined up to babysit for us that night, but Kevin came down with strep throat, so we postponed our plans until the next day. Instead we stayed home and watched Kung Fu Panda with the kids. On Saturday Daniel and I went out for a birthday lunch at Lone Star steakhouse. They sang to Daniel and he even got a free desert. Then we went shopping together for a while. It was a good date and a good birthday for Daniel.


christina said...

Happy Birthday !!

Ken said...

So do we get pictures of the other B-Day that happened at the end of Novemeber? Hmm......?


Big Red Driver said...

Your house looks wild and fun.