Saturday, November 08, 2008

Our First Corn Maze

The kid and I have never been in a real corn maze before. We decided to try it this year since Brother and Kevin are still young enough to get in free. We took a picture of the map before we went in to help us find our way back out again. There was also a sort of treasure hunt game to play. They gave us cards numbered one through ten. As you travel through the maze you find numbered wooden posts with unique hole punches dangling from them.

The girls and I found all ten so they earned free mini pumpkins. The boys explored separately from us. Since they didn't have the handy map with them (I had the camera) and Kevin fell asleep half way through, they only found about half of the punches. It was a fun experience. I wish I'd remembered to use my camera to take more pictures instead of just using it to look at the map.

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