Tuesday, November 11, 2008

6 Months and Counting

Here's a fairly recent photo of me taken when it occurred to us that we hadn't been doing a very good job of taking photos of my belly for each month of this pregnancy. The upside of a larger belly is that I don't get quite as many people saying, "Oh! Are you pregnant? I can't even tell!" The downside is that it feels like nothing fits anymore.

I'm desperately in need of maternity pants. The few pairs I have are almost all capris which means that the lower half of my legs are constantly freezing lately. Not today, though. Today it was supposed to be snowing, but instead it was so incredibly nice outside that we shut off the heat and opened all the windows in the house for the entire afternoon.

Going way off topic, it was really nice that we could air out the house since our pipes that travel outside to the main sewer line in the street got blocked and sewage was backing up into the basement. It flooded the laundry room and flowed up through the floor drain in the downstairs shower. Although we are very short on funds until Friday, God intervened again and sent someone who was able to recommend a plumber who could snake out the line for $125. That's about a third of what every other place was going to charge.

So, after picking up our food bank shipment this morning, Daniel got to spend time this afternoon scrubbing filth out of the downstairs bathroom and laundry room. He wouldn't let anyone else do it or even help after the plumber told him that the slightest cut on our hands could get infected and lead to serious disease or even paralysis. He's our hero.

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Anonymous said...

You look beautiful! I love that shirt too. Wow give Daniel a hug for me. That's disgusting and I'm glad he didn't let his pregnant wife down there. Eww gross.