Thursday, September 11, 2008

They're Coming Tomorrow!!!

Yippee! I've got lots of good news. Our two new kids are coming tomorrow! It's a 4 year old boy and his 5 1/2 year old sister. I just got off the phone with the caseworker who has let me know that they are placing these kids with us with the strong opinion that this will end up as a case of foster-to-adopt. They've been in and out of the system for two years now and it looks like we may end up being their final home.

In other good news, I found my camera last night. I'd accidentally left it at church. They also officially declared me the leader of the Blue Group for Chums at AWANA last night. Chums is the name for 3rd and 4th grade girls. My group has 6 girls in it, including Danya, and we had a couple of guests, too, that may come back.

Well, tonight is also my first night back with the Thornton Community Band. I'm thinking about only playing with them for the first concert which will be at the very end of October. That way I won't be almost 8 months pregnant in December trying to handle Sunday worship music plus music for both the church and TCB Christmas concerts. I've realized that I'm already having trouble maintaining air flow due to my expanding midsection. We'll learn the baby's gender in two more weeks! Meanwhile, Kevin had his 2 year old check up today and impressed the doctor who said he seemed to be more like a 3 year old.

Photos to come soon!

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I have a good life said...

It sounds like really good things are happening in your life! Yay! :) I am excited for these new kiddos. Hopefully they will become yours permanently. They would be so lucky if it worked that way! :)