Monday, September 15, 2008

19 Weeks - Halfway there

This little one is getting frisky. The baby surprises me by moving at moments that catch me off guard and make me laugh with the strange sensation that it's trying to cheer me up. At moments when I'm especially tired or frustrated this tiny person chooses to roll, kick, or push and it's such a happy little feeling that I can't help but smile. Sometimes it happens when I'm leaning over tying my shoes (awkwardly) and I wonder if I'm squishing him or her in there. We should be able to find out the gender at my next appointment here pretty soon.

In the "not so fun" category, I was sitting on stage this weekend at church during announcements before the next set of songs when the pastor's wife walked off stage and smiled at me quietly saying, "You're getting quite a little paunch there!" as she passed by. It was so unexpected that I turned, speechless, to my trombonist friend, Ron, who sits on my left. He said, "Don't worry. I'm sure she meant me."

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Dreama's Thoughts said...

AWWWWW U look so cute!!! congrats again girl!!