Monday, September 15, 2008

Not Quite Ready

Sunday went fairly well for Snow White and Brother's first day in Sunday school classes. We managed to get everyone up, groomed, and out the door in time to arrive just a little late for band practice before service started. Daniel had to manually wrestle Brother into his Sunday clothes, but other than that it worked out alright.

We attempted to let Brother join the four year olds group that goes to TruthQuest with the older kids and then on to a Sunday school lesson. His group, however, was short handed because three backup people called in sick. So there was only one leader for 16 (PreK/K) kids. Daniel volunteered to stay and help. Brother just can't sit still and listen for that long. When I finished playing in the band I went up to the classroom to check on them and ended up having to take Brother down to join the 3 year olds' class. He did really well there, so I think we'll just keep him in with the younger kids. They get to attend TruthQuest for the beginning and end so that they get to enjoy singing and puppets, but then they move on to play time and snacks back in the Threes' classroom.

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